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"Red Bridge at Rye Harbor". India ink , dip pens and wash. 20"x 24" . 2020

"Large Study for Rocky Spire ", India ink , dip pens and washes. 32" x 21". 2020.

"Oil storage house , Fort Stark " . India ink , dip pens and wash. 20"x24". 2020 .

"Rye Spire " .  India ink  on Birch plywood , intended for wood cut. 9.5" x 12.5" . 2020.

Older  Prints

"Lockes Neck Point Of View ", Reduction wood cut.  2008.

This was the first print I made working with Don Gorvett in his studio and gallery on Ceres St. in Portsmouth, NH. I have been interested in and making woodcuts and Linoleum prints since High School but up until this point  had only printed using a barren or a spoon . Using his large "American French Tool" Etching Press was eye opening.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Don for mentoring me and sharing in his vast knowledge of printmaking and art in general.

" Juniper Point " Reduction Wood Cut . 2008 . Another early print printed at "Piscataqua Fine Arts " , Don Gorvett's  gallery and studio on Ceres St. in Portsmouth.

Copyright Alex de Constant 2021

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